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Belfast’s recent metamorphosis is nothing short of incredible. While the capital of Northern Ireland is still characterized by old shipyards and elegant Victorian houses, nowadays you’ll find world-class museums, trendy art galleries, and cozy restaurants all putting this city in a modern-day renaissance.

Points of interest include Titanic Belfast—an award-winning, state-of-the-art museum that tells the story of the world’s most famous ship—and the Botanic Gardens, home to tropical plants and birds inside a birdcage-shaped glass dome. Check out some music-filled “trad bars,” take a free tour of Belfast City Hall, or shop for fresh food and local art at St. George’s Market – the oldest and most popular market in the city.

Belfast’s charm goes well beyond its city center. It’s also a great starting point for visiting different filming locations from “Game of Thrones.” Immerse yourself in the world of the hit TV series with guided tours of “Winterfell Castle,” “The Haunted Forest,” and "The Iron Islands” on the country’s rugged northern coast.

At night, head to the city’s Cathedral Quarter for the coolest bars in town and a taste of the city's famous hospitality.


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The taverns in Belfast are the best!

June 7, 2019

The taverns in Belfast are the best! Everyone goes out young and old, and it’s plain good dancing fun. Several taverns play traditional Irish music and folks dance the traditional music and invite you to join them. It’s a lovely time and similar to how the movies characterized it.

Anonymous United States of America

Beautiful historic town that is worth exploring.

June 4, 2019

Beautiful historic town that is worth exploring. The wall art will definitely be a source of inspiration for one to get into character. I have developed such great insights on Titanic. It is far greater than Jack and Rose, love, passion and misfortune, it is an experience that will forever change the face of communication and travel. The Titanic experience is so wide, it stemmed from the builders of the ship to the very rescue workers and their extended family. Never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, however, after visiting the GoT Exhibition I will take the time to watch.

Cleopatrie Thompson
Cleopatrie Thompson United Kingdom

The restaurants and bars have a unique ambiance - definitely...

June 3, 2019

The restaurants and bars have a unique ambiance - definitely check out Yardbird and Dirty Onion! Loved the Titanic Belfast and Game of Thrones Exhibition at Titanic Studios, but roaming the streets in the Cathedral Quarter and checking out street art (and the interiors of restaurants) was so much fun. Next time I would certainly eat at Granny Annie's.

Anonymous United States of America

My plane arrived later than scheduled, so I arrived into the...

June 3, 2019

My plane arrived later than scheduled, so I arrived into the Belfast late. I've noticed for the 4-days and 3-nights I was there, the city is pretty much dead after 5pm. I had a hard time finding a restaurant that served food after 6pm (there were but very few). It seems like most of the shops close at 5pm, and so the city empties out after 5pm. There were numerous restaurants that I went to that require a reservation! For a tourist just walking around, we might not know that. And your sign outside didn't say "Reservation Required!" Put a number and/or a website on the sign where we can go make reservations!

James United States of America

Check-in line was too long.

June 2, 2019

Check-in line was too long. For groups, there should be a separate process so that individuals don't have to wait for the bus load of football fans. When you advertise breakfast as being at 6:00 a.m., it should be ready at that time. Parking was too expensive. Rooms were nice and comfortable

Anonymous United States of America

Belfast is rich with history.

May 27, 2019

Belfast is rich with history. We went on a Game of Thrones driving tour in the country side and had an axle break on our car. There was no cell service and only a couple of houses near by. One of the neighbors came home and invited us in to her house to use the phone. She made tea for us and we chatted for two hours before a tow truck arrived. We rode with the tow truck driver back to the city and he gave us a private tour of the back roads, stopping and chatting with friends along the way. What could have been a distasteful afternoon turned out to be one of our favorite days on the trip! Our faith in human kindness and community was certainly bolstered!! What kind folks we encountered!

Anonymous United States of America

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